Fluoride Treatment

Young woman smiling in dental chair Did you know that you’re fighting tooth decay every time you take a drink of tap water? That’s because most public water sources are fluoridated, as in fluoride has been added to them. Also, if you’ve purchased toothpaste in the past few decades, you’ve probably noticed that most varieties have fluoride as well. So the question is, “Why is fluoride so good for your teeth?”

The Truth About Fluoride

Fluoride is actually a naturally occurring element, and the reason that you’ll find it in tap water and toothpastes everywhere is because it is able to replenish the minerals in your teeth that have been taken away by tooth decay.

When we talk about tooth decay, what we actually mean is that acidic plaque (which comes from the food we eat) is slowly breaking down the minerals that teeth need to be healthy and strong. Fluoride can prevent and even reverse this process, which is why dentists (like us!) have been using something called a fluoride treatment for decades.

How a Fluoride Treatment Works

At the end of your regular checkup, we’ll simply apply a flavored varnish to your teeth on all sides. The fluoride will automatically latch onto your teeth and immediately fortify them. It’s just that easy, and it’s one of the most effective treatments we use every day. It also helps with sensitivity and will aid in preventing tooth breakdown--now that’s a win-win!

If you’d like to know more about the greatness that is fluoride or if it’s time for your regular checkup, please contact our office today .

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