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If you’re already brushing and flossing your teeth every day, then why do you need your dental hygienist to clean them twice each year? This is an excellent question, and one that we probably hear every day. As interesting as teeth are to us, Dr. Blanton doesn’t recommend dental cleanings just for his and his hygienists own sake, they are actually an extremely important part of your complete dental care routine.

Why Dental Cleanings are Essential

The teeth are actually very complicated structures with many tiny crevices. This is especially true for the back teeth, and this gives them a rough surface that makes it easier for you to chew and break down food.

Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, you probably miss many of these small areas. Over time, plaque and bacteria can build up in them, and this can lead to the development of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. The problem is that your brush and floss simply can’t reach many of these spots, so in order to clean them, you need to come see us at least twice a year.

Our hygienists are specially trained to use sophisticated tools to clean the hardest to reach spots on your teeth. Even if you were to use these tools yourself, you probably wouldn’t be able to find your problem areas. They are different for each person depending on how their teeth are oriented!

With a professional dental cleaning, we’re able to reach these areas and protect your teeth from developing a variety of issues. You only need two each year, and that’s all it takes to keep your teeth completely clean.

Want To Know More?

Still curious about how dental cleanings work? You can always contact us to ask questions, or better yet, you can ask one of our hygienists in person during your next cleaning! To make an appointment, simply contact our office today .

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